Posted October 26, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

You’ve decided to buy a home in Clark County. Congratulations! You’ve made a decision that will provide you and your family security, stability and protection from rising home prices. Demand for homes in our area is high and, just as we were taught about supply and demand, that makes prices go up. Who hasn’t marveled at a story of a long-time resident who says “We bought this house back in the day for a fraction of what it would cost today!” By buying a house today, you’ll be able to say the same thing, and avoid the alternative: paying the landlord’s mortgage every month, and swallowing hard every time the landlord raises the rent.

You’ll want to find a Realtor and lender—they’ll be key to your success. Don’t wait to consult with the lender—one of the worst possibilities is that you fall in love with a house only to find that you don’t qualify for the loan you may need to buy it, or that your circumstances (self-employed, past credit issues, etc.) delay loan approval so that someone else gets your house.

Many of the best Realtors and lenders in Clark County use Clark County Title as part of their team. We have a proven track record of getting purchase and sale transactions closed on time, even when there’s something unusual like probates, divorces, or judgments against buyer or seller. Our experience and knowledge can mean the difference between a closing that makes everyone happy and one that falls apart (a “sale fail”) that puts the house back on the market and the buyer back to house shopping. And we do our best to help everyone with a smile and warm-hearted attitude that helps reduce the stress of a big financial transaction.

Title insurance and escrow are just a portion of the home buying process, but we take a lot of pride in our role in helping people achieve the American Dream of home ownership. Our community benefits from people being invested in our mutual success. As a local title company, not a branch of a mega-corporation, we thank people who literally “buy in” to our community, and the professional Realtors and lenders who work with us to help them.

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