How do you find a Realtor?

Posted August 9, 2022 in Real Estate Trends

tracie demars, Clark County WA real estate agent

What questions should you be asking? Why is this important? Especially in this changing market who you hire is the most important financial decision you make.

Some questions you could (or should) be asking…..

HOW long have you been in the real estate business?
In real estate, we are always learning, but do you want to be the transaction that an agent ‘cuts their teeth’ on? Especially with the changing market, has this realtor been through any other market? Talk to them about this market and what they are seeing. How are they going to use their experience and skills to use their knowledge of this market, and what they are seeing, to help you?

HOW long have you been licensed?
This ties into the last question. Sometimes an agent worked with another licensed agent as an unlicensed assistant so they could have a couple of years in the real estate industry, but very few (or none) as a licensed agent. An experienced agent usually has a pipeline of clients and closings so we’re not as concerned with ‘pushing’ a sale because we don’t need to.

WILL I be working with you, or an assistant?
Sometimes you hire an agent to help you, but then you never see them. You’ve been handed off to an assistant who may not have the qualifications you had asked about to that other agent that you ‘thought’ you had hired.

WHAT days/times are you available?
This is pretty important as you need to know if the times you are available are going to work with the times that your agent is available. Are they there for you when you need them?

WHAT is the average price of the homes you
help people buy/sell?
If someone works mainly with luxury homes, do they understand the market for the type of home you are buying or selling? Another question would be what type of homes are you knowledgeable with?

DO you have another job besides real estate?
Real estate isn’t just about showing homes. Phone calls, marketing, searching for homes on the internet, calling about that home, calling other agents, other vendors, paperwork, more paperwork, talking, phone calls, texting, emails, title companies, inspections, appraisals, lenders, etc… it’s an 80 hour a week job some weeks. There are no ‘real’ vacations as you are always ‘on duty’.

DO I have to sign a contract to work with you?
If you are selling a home, there is a sellers contract that you will need to sign. This contract gives your agent the right to represent you for marketing, offers, and negotiations. But what about if you are buying a home? There is a form called a Buyers Agency Form, that is a contract between the buyer and the buyers agent. As a buyer you do not have to sign this form. If you, as a buyer, choose to sign a buyers agency form, you are now legally in contract with that agent to buy a home with them. Technically you always have the right to fire someone, but that is a legal contract for a period of time for a specific purpose. No matter what an agent says you do NOT have to sign a Buyers Agency agreement to hire a Realtor to help you buy a home.