Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted May 13, 2018 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

My Mother’s Day column last year brought in more responses than any other. I’ve been grateful for the many inquiries and responses to my columns, but found that people enjoy reading about loving Mothers more than reading title insurance! A year ago, I was amazed that the median sales price for Clark County houses had increased $30,000 in a year! Well, guess what? Prices continued to rise this year. The median sales price is now above $340,000, and competition is fierce among buyers in most price categories. My advice to people thinking about buying or selling remains: consult with one of the many competent, professional Realtors and lenders in our area. When prices are rising rapidly and available properties are scarce, you really need experts on your side.

Speaking of experts on your side, allow me a moment to discuss someone who has been on my side for over 50 years (I won’t say how many more than 50): my Mom. Like most kids, when I was a certain age, I thought my parents were lame. Growing up a Vancouver native, I thought Vancouver was lame. When I grow up, I said then, things will be different–I’ll live an exciting life in an exciting place!

A few years later, after my world became a little larger, things started to look a little different. I discovered my parents weren’t as dumb as I thought—you could even call them wise! Likewise, Clark County didn’t seem so lame, either. In fact, I our quality of life and beautiful scenery  compares well to any part of this country. We’re lucky to live here. Through it all, my Mom has been there for me, being supporting or forgiving as the circumstances required. And the excitement I sought? What could be more exciting than title insurance?

Thank you to my Mom, and all Moms on this Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day from the professional title and escrow people of Clark County Title!
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