Easter in Isolation, and Hope

Posted April 11, 2020 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

I’m feeling hopeful this Easter Sunday. The corona virus is forcing us to reflect upon life itself, and teaching us many lessons. With social distancing, orders to stay at home, and business shutdowns, our society has rarely faced such broad challenges—where every person is asked to sacrifice for our common good. It’s hard to remain hopeful and optimistic amid the uncertainty, but Easter and springtime have arrived at the right time. Both are about hope and rebirth.

Whether you think in biblical terms or just like the sun on your face, it’s important to keep hope alive, and to reconsider what’s really important in life. I’m not talking about hand sanitizer, but each other. This virus has been a stark reminder about the need that we have for other people—both socially and financially. We need to be with each other to share daily life, and to rely on each other to do the work that society needs to function. Even though Clark County Title has adjusted by spreading people out and making adjustments on document signings, we’re pained by the fact that others are not able to work at all and that the virus is preventing people from living their lives as before.

That’s where hope comes in. We’re hopeful that we can put this virus behind us as soon as possible, that those affected most by the virus will survive financially and emotionally. We’re hopeful that everyone with the ability to do so will help others get through this. And, we’re hopeful that everyone will help restaurants and other businesses hit hardest recover “on the other side.”

To our Realtor and lender partners that are the bread and butter of our referrals, and to the other real estate professionals like appraisers, inspectors, surveyors and local government, thank you for being there for us. We’ll do everything we can to be supportive of you and your clients both during this time AND later, when we can look back on this time as a test we passed.

If we can be of any help during these difficult but hopeful times,
please call Clark County Title. Happy Easter!

Scott Hogan

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