Don’t trust luck in the market to sell your home!

Posted March 16, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

Scott Hogan, Clark County WA real estate agent

Last month, I discussed the title company’s role from the buyer’s perspective. This month, I would like you to consider how a title company can help you when you’re selling, focusing on the time after you sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Instead of financing being the big hurdle as with a buyer, it’s a whole list of things that can mess up your sale: problems discovered in an inspection, problems discovered in a title search, the appraised value for buyer’s lender comes in low, or the buyer keeps looking even after they’ve agreed to buy your house and have found one they like more. Whew!

We can’t do anything for you about the finicky (“I want the doorknob tightened”) or flip-flopping buyer—that’s when your capable Realtor comes in handy. We can help with title problems like judgments or old loans that need to be cleared up at closing. For example, you paid off your home equity loan years ago, but it still shows up in the title search. You got behind on your credit card or child support payments, but didn’t realize that would surface in your sale when a judgment was entered or a lien filed. What do I mean by “We can help?” I mean, we want your sale to close just as you do—just like the Realtors or buyer’s lender, we don’t get paid unless your sale closes. We’ll work overtime to clear up any title-related issues so you can close. If it can’t be fixed prior to closing, we will work with buyers and sellers so that the roof (or the doorknob) can be repaired after closing—holding a portion of seller’s proceeds until the work is complete.

Exceeding expectations–doing more than expected and brainstorming solutions—has been the key to the success of Clark County Title since 1980. We’re not just one of the expenses to be paid when buying or selling real estate; we add value to the transaction with our service to our customers and Realtor and lender referral partners.

Clark County Title is ready to team with you and your Realtor and lender to accomplish your real estate goals in 2019. Please call our friendly, professional staff if we can assist you in reaching your “pot of gold!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from your friends at Clark County Title,

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