Change of Seasons Keeps Things Real in the Housing Market

Posted September 10, 2019 in Real Estate Trends

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Generally speaking, the change of the season usually brings a different buying and selling platform.  In addition, the market has shifted a bit.  Thankfully interest rates are still low, providing some motivation for those buyers on the fence about whether to buy or stay put.

Really, we are due for a little bit of a slow down. It keeps our home prices in check and creates a little more of an even playing field for those buying or selling a home. So how do you approach this changing market?

As a seller, it is still a good time to sell your home.  Although prices are not as high as they were earlier this year, they are still historically high. And chances are the home you turn around and purchase will also be a little less expensive than it was.

It is still critical as a seller that steps be taken to compete with all the new construction.  A decluttered, clean, and mostly “moved out” home invites a buyer to picture themselves there.  No buyer wants to walk in and feel the weight of the current owners’ “stuff” and “to do” list.

Buyers continue to have great options in financing with programs that make it possible for many to buy. If your credit rating “just ok”–take the time to talk to a lender who can advise you how to prepare to buy in the near future once your credit rating has been restored to the range of locking in a better interest rate.

The change in the season presents a great opportunity for those still in the market to move.   Sellers may be more willing to negotiate, and buyers can still take advantage of the historically low interest rates and great financing options. So welcome the change. The slowdown will keep things real and create a more balanced housing market.

Alyssa Curran is a NW native and a REALTOR® for over 15 years. As a wife, a mother of four, and a full-time Realtor, Alyssa loves everything that encompasses the home: buying, selling, decorating, mothering…she enjoys it all.