A Specialty Trade: Hardwood Flooring Installation, Repair, and Refinishing

Posted November 7, 2020 in Business Spotlight

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Business Spotlight, Sponsored by Au Natural Hardwood Floors

A common feature shared by many older homes is hardwood flooring. Sometimes the original floors are buried under carpet or linoleum. Other times the original floors are still in use but in need of repair and refinishing. People who have purchased an older home or those preparing to sell an older home are likely to turn to one of the larger flooring companies for help with this project. However, according to Au Natural Hardwood Floors owner Craig Stewart, repairing and refinishing original hardwood flooring can be more of a specialty trade.

“I have relationships with floor covering stores in town that refer to me directly because they don’t do that kind of work,” he said. “I get a lot of neighborhood referrals.”

Craig Stewart has experience with hardwood flooring since 1999. After years of working for a home building and remodeling general contractor, he began focusing on hardwood flooring. In 2005 he had a business opportunity to take over Au Natural Hardwood Floors and has never regretted it.

“It’s worked out,” he said. “I enjoy being on flat ground and inside homes rather than outside in the rain, in the muck and up on ladders.”

Au Natural Hardwood Floors specializes in hardwood flooring installation, repairs, and refinishing. Craig says that business is good.

“There’s a whole new generation of people moving into older homes,” he said.

Craig describes his approach to each job in an older home is for people to walk in and not realize anything is different.

“The biggest challenge is trying to match the grade of wood to existing homes that can be 80 to 90 years old,” he said.

The project itself can also be a challenge for people living in the home while the work is being done. Craig says that the average job takes about three to five days and can be a bit disruptive to the daily life of the homeowners, especially if it’s a refinishing project because of the chemical smells. But he says all the disruption is well worth it.

“Some people realize their floors are showing signs of wear and tear from kids and dogs and activity in the kitchen” he said. “We make them all blend and look brand new again. It’s rewarding when all is said and done.”

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