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Good Advice

August 27, 2017 | Real Estate Trends

When I started writing this column just over a year ago, I quickly learned about how meaningful it is to connect through this column with… Read More

Brandon Addy

August 27, 2017 | Realtor Spotlight

Whether buying, selling or investing in real estate, don't go at it alone. Connecting with a Realtor® as early in the process as possible will shorten your workload, ease your mind and give you guidance along the way. Read More

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Evie Hampton

August 20, 2017 | Realtor Spotlight

Choose a broker that you really feel comfortable with and trust. This is a major life investment when purchasing or selling a home. Also, listen to your broker for advice and don't be afraid to ask questions or address any concerns. Read More

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I’m back…

August 13, 2017 | Real Estate Trends

I’ve been asked numerous times over the last couple of years to get back to writing the “Ask the Builder” article in this newspaper. I… Read More

Lisa Pedro

August 13, 2017 | Realtor Spotlight

I've been helping people buy and sell real estate since 2008. Real estate is my second career. Before real estate, I was a hairdresser for 23 years, mostly in northern California , and I did interior décor on the side. Read More

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Monica Rech

August 6, 2017 | Realtor Spotlight

Real estate has been a family affair for me since I was a child. My parents and grandparents spent all their lives working and investing in real estate. I grew up learning about this business. Read More

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Donna Schorr

July 30, 2017 | Realtor Spotlight

Be completely honest with your agent! We can serve you better if there are no surprises during a transaction, and sometimes things that might seem unimportant matter. Read More

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